My college bound niece, Jillian, and her oh-so-proud Mama.

My college bound niece, Jillian, and her oh-so-proud Mama.

My niece is graduating from High School this year and will soon be leaving home and traveling off to college this Fall. As a special gift, her sweet parents asked the family to give her a bit of advice or words of wisdom that helped them on their journey after high school. Remembering my 4 years at Syracuse University brings an instant smile to my face. So many happy memories flood in as it was truly one of the best times of my life. But, there were definitely a few bumps in the road and, thankfully, plenty of lessons learned along the way. Now, if only I had this advice, or was willing to take it, when I was 18 and college bound!

15 Pieces of Advice for College Bound Kids
1. Consider minoring in a different subject than your major so you have an education in more than one thing. You may change your mind…like I did.
2. Consider a part time job. College kids never have enough money and Spring Break comes around quick.
3. Be open to different people – most you’ll meet have come from different, and often interesting, places and can teach you a lot.
4. And to that, be yourself as you come from an interesting place too and can offer a lot!
5. Get your work done early…besides feeling accomplished, parties will always pop up unexpectedly.
6. If you have the chance, study abroad. You’ll never regret it.
7. If you don’t study abroad, take a summer to travel abroad before you start working and have only “two weeks vacation.”
8. Appreciate this special time living amongst your friends…college will probably be the last time in your life that you will see friends every single day.
9. Don’t have “just one more” drink/shot. Just don’t. Also, nothing good happens after 2am…ever.
10. Get an internship every summer even if it’s unpaid. It will give you a jump start on experience and there’s no better way to see if it’s what you really want to do.
11. Call home at least once a week, even if you don’t want to and have to set an alarm to do it – you’ll understand once you’re a parent.
12. Consider getting a laundry service. There are much better things to do in college. Though you may need to refer to #2 for this.
13. Don’t worry about losing touch with High School friends. Everyone is doing their own thing in college. If the relationship is meant to last, it will.
14. Don’t skip class. It will catch up with you. Besides, do you know how much that one class just cost?!?
15. You will probably gain the freshman 15. But no worries, so will everyone else. Once you realize, put down the beer and ask directions to the gym.

Hope this helps all the graduates out there and CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy this special time!



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