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To help fund this fun travel fashion blog, I use affiliate links from SkimLinks and ShopSense. How do these work? Well, if you like an item I feature and click on the image and/or purchase the item, I receive a small percentage in commission. So, if you’re loving what you see, please shop through my blog so Arrive Chic can keep on traveling along. Occasionally, I will receive gifted items. If they pass the Arrive Chic test and I feature them on the AC blog, these items will clearly be marked as “c/o” (courtesy of) on the post. If posts are sponsored by another company, this too will be mentioned at the end of the post. Occasionally, I’ll feature events or destinations I’m loving. Sometimes they’re just what I’m adding to my itinerary and sometimes these are sponsored too, which will be mentioned on the post. All that said, all opinions are my own, honest, and for entertainment purposes. If I don’t wholeheartedly believe in a product, you won’t see it on Arrive Chic.

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