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Baby Got Back Support

Oh. My. God. Look at her back. These are the words (ok, well almost) that I’ve heard a lot from my husband over the last few years. Usually, this has been immediately after I’ve been complaining of back pain and he glances at my back which on one side seems to be almost swollen down my spine. So, when I was sent the Kiss My Back back support by Dandelion Dreams, Inc., I was psyched. After all, they were the ones who created The Total Sleep Mask System which helped relieve some agony from my other ailment…migraines.

I never considered myself as someone with a bad back as I was growing up. Maybe that was because I knew a family friend who had major scoliosis and had to wear a back brace everyday…and another friend who had metal rods in her back. Both of them were limited in the physical activities they could do. Luckily, my minor scoliosis was just a slight curve in my spine which really never limited me in my activities. I was a cheerleader, in gymnastics, and on the dance line growing up with no challenges movin’ and groovin’.

But as I was growing older, my back starting bothering me a bit more here and there. Usually, it was when I wasn’t working out and the only weight I was lifting was my two little boys for piggyback rides, into and out of the car seats, and, well, just for snuggles. Luckily, my workouts help me relieve most of that back pain. But, skip those ab workouts one too many days and my pain is back (pun intended).

Car Back support, chair back support, travel comfort

These fab back supports Kiss My Back on road trips!

Well, Kiss My Back to the rescue! The ergonomic thick mesh back support has been created for use in your car, office, or on a chair at home with an adjustable buckle and nylon straps to fit almost any chair you choose. It helps reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain and gives me great lumbar support as most chairs provide nada for your lower back. In addition, the comfort covers come in great colors. My favorite is the Wild Leopard and Midnight Blue colors though they also offer Executive Black and Sizzling Pink.

Kiss My Back Support Buckle

Kiss My Back! Adjustable Strap

My favorite spot to use Kiss My Back is on my office chair (I’m actually using this now as I write), where I tend to be a bit lacking in the posture department. However, the Kiss My Back is so lightweight that I often also toss it in the car and take it with us on our family road trips which helps prevent that long car ride stiffness upon arrival. And isn’t comfort the key with travel?

The Kiss My Back Deluxe Set is offered for a steal at $25.99 and comes with 1 back support and 1 cover of your color choice. However, you can also buy additional Stylish Comfort Covers at $14.99 in case you’re loving more than just one color or want to switch up that back support look! One more bonus? It’s recommended by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Spine Specialists.

The Kiss My Back can be found at along with their fabulous Total Sleep Mask System. Grab them for relief! I’m sold and now this baby’s got back support.



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