SoulCycle opening the doors in Miami

SoulCycle opening the doors in Miami

It’s not often I write about exercising. That’s because I tend to lose interest quickly with most (yawn) workout routines. You’ll more likely find this girl at Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning than a gym. But every once and a while, I’ll find something fun and challenging that will reinspire the active girl in me. That happened last weekend at the opening of SoulCycle COGA in Miami.

For months, Catherine (my NYC friend) and I have been chatting about SoulCycle coming to Miami…and how it wasn’t happening fast enough for me. When I lived in Manhattan several years ago, there were only one or two SoulCycle locations. Luckily, one of those was right near my apartment on the Upper West Side. So, in one of my motivated moments, I tried it out and LOVED it. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one as they now have 36 locations nationwide. Thankfully, the 36th opening is here in my hometown, Miami.

Sick SoulCycle Bike

Sick SoulCycle Bike

I’m not sure exactly how SoulCycle inspired me to be active again after just 45 minutes. Maybe it was having a part of NYC with me here in Miami or the fresh white and yellow sleek look of the spinning studio. Maybe it was the selection of super cute workout clothes at the entrance or spending time with my best friend who came with me that morning or making it through class ALIVE. Maybe it was our instructor, Soeuraya, with her sick flock of birds shoulder tattoo or how she would tell the class, “You look so damn good.” Maybe it was these awesome yellow spin bikes or as simple as getting my blood pumping through my veins again. Maybe it was because for the first time, I passed on the Bruléed French Toast at the Cheesecake Factory at brunch after class and ordered an egg white omelette instead.

Whatever it was, it worked and I’m hooked. Just in time too. Those donuts are starting to catch up with me. New resolution for 2015?  Be an ATHELETE LEGEND WARRIOR RENEGADE ROCKSTAR and look “so damn good” ASAP. Until then, you’ll find me at SoulCycle COGA.

Post SoulCycle Class in Miami. I survived and loved every second.

Post SoulCycle Class in Miami. I survived and loved every second.



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