For our 3rd Travel Style Interview, we’ve chatted with the fashionable Alexandra Jimenez. Alex ditched her corporate job in the fashion industry in 2008, has become the ultimate world traveler (no really, she’s non-stop and her address is a storage unit), and has created the hugely popular packing resource This brave traveler is super organized, looks fantastic globetrotting, and lets nothing stand in her way of seeing the world. Here’s a peek into her wanderlust life of style.


Your top 3 travel accessories picks at are…

How would you describe your typical (or favorite) travel style? For example, adventurous, culture-packed, food fest, shopping spree, tour guide scheduled, ohhhm, or poolside/toes in the sand. The majority of my travel plans are based on diving so I’d definitely have to say underwater. Depending on my latest marine life bucket list item (hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, etc), I’m headed where I can find them.

As of today, how many countries have you been to and what are your favorites? I went to Belgium for my birthday this summer and I think that was my 38th country. I’m really looking forward to adding some new passport stamps in 2015. My top five are Egypt, Peru, Guatemala, India, and Thailand.

Alex in Bamboo Island, Thailand

Alex in Bamboo Island, Thailand

Something you’ll never be caught doing when traveling is… Turning my nose at a destination just because it’s full of “tourists”. If you travel then you’re alright in my book. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it.

How do you decide on your next destination and how far in advance do you plan your trip? Scuba diving! I’m always dreaming of the next best destination so I might have the idea 6 months in advance but I won’t book until about a month before just to make sure. I like to book when it feels right.

Alex in El Salvador.

Alex in El Salvador.

Since you only travel with carry-on luggage, I’m guessing your quart size bag is filled right up to the zipper. What’s always in it? My long term travel packing strategy is to replenish as I go so when departing from a home base such as London or Los Angeles I stock up on products I know I can’t get abroad like my favorite face scrub, makeup, or leave in conditioner.

If someone was taking you on a surprise trip and you didn’t know the destination, what would you pack? A bathing suit, sunblock, travel towel, stylish summer dresses, and cute sandals. If someone’s surprising me it better be to a beach!

Alex in Miami

Alex in Miami.

What is your best advice for those who want to travel but don’t have much of a travel budget? Budget travel is super easy. That’s how I’ve been on the road for almost 7 years. Choose a cost effective destination such as countries in Southeast Asia or Central America; buy a guidebook such as Lonely Planet’s shoestring series for budget destination tips; and consider sites like to work in exchange for accommodation. Here are some of my work exchange experiences.

Name the top 3 destinations still on your travel bucket list. The Maldives, Galapagos, & Bora Bora.

Who are your favorite travel experts? Whenever I want travel tips I head over to the Thorn Tree Forums to search for other travelers’ tips in one location. I am still an avid believer in guidebooks because it makes my research easy. Everything else I’ll figure out upon arrival.

Alex at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Alex at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

When traveling alone, how do you stay connected with friends & family and avoid loneliness? To be honest if I’m traveling alone nowadays it’s too reconnect with myself so I would take that time to focus on my personal growth and travel experiences. I’m a big believer in “disconnecting” when you travel (which is ironically a bit difficult now that I run a travel blog.)

Since you’re a Diving fanatic, please share your favorite Dive Destinations around the world. The Red Sea in Egypt is mind-blowing with vivid colors and insane visibility. The Similan/Surin Islands in Thailand are teeming with a variety of marine life such as mantas and whale sharks. Raja Ampat in Indonesia is spectacular simply because it is pristine and remote.

Tell us one fashion piece you won’t leave home without right now. My accessories. Clothing can be ultra basic but the right accessories define your style.

I love hearing about Alex’s travel style. She makes jetset style seem easy. Plus, she reminds me that travel is not just a luxury and inspires me to book a flight anywhere today! Though after seeing that shot of Bamboo Island in Thailand, I may be headed there first. Stay tuned for our next Arrive Chic Travel Style Interview soon. Interested in being featured on the Travel Style Interview Series? Email us directly at info(at)arrivechic(dot)com! 



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