MIA’s The Shoppes at Ocean Drive

While traveling this holiday season, I came across an airport store…no, a mega-store that was hands down the best airport shopping experience I’ve ever had. The Shoppes at Ocean Drive is basically a department store which includes 8 separate shops (or should we say shoppes) under one giant, second-story roof.

Privé Gourmet Market

When I walked in, I was in awe, not knowing where I should turn or look first. I was immediately drawn to the ever-changing wall of flat screens overhead featuring Ocean Drive Magazine shots of Jennifer Lopez, Romero Britto artwork, and the beautiful waters of Miami. Front and center, I was greeted by Privé Gourmet Market where fresh George Stone Crabs (caught and shipped daily) and a rainbow-frosted assortment of Misha’s Cupcakes caught my eye. I then ventured to the left where I found a candy heaven, called It’Sugar, that would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Here I found just about every candy I’ve ever known of and even discovered a giant sheet of rice crispy treats measuring about 1′ x 2′. Hmm, could I stuff this in my carry-on? Or maybe just finish it before the flight? Behind this delicious treat boutique was their toy store, Let’s Play, which carried fun and unique gifts for the tots like Ugly Dolls and Air Hedz.

Zone 305

While Rocco was wandering in this space (with my husband), I headed to Zone 305, the
activewear area, where I suddenly felt inspired to workout during my holiday trip (ha!) with all the cute gear they featured. Wow, how did they do that? Wasn’t I just talking candy? Then the wall of magazine covers (again on flat screens) started flipping, drawing me into the newsstand section, Ocean Drive News & Gifts, where I grabbed what else but the latest Ocean Drive. Might as well take a little home away with me, right? The bright pop art suitcases drew me in further to the Britto store where Rocco and I were quickly captivated by the brightly colored, glittering kitty cat spinning in the display case…as we should have been. Word is that fat cat is going for $15,000. Then, as if the store knew just how to guide


me and save the best for last, I had arrived…the clothing, accessories and sunglasses! Mixx, the clothing and accessory boutique, won me over with the pale pink Soludos espadrilles, the tortoise jewelry (which by the way is the best for traveling as it’s super light), and even retro printed bobby pins. Aaaah! Am I really in an airport? Finally, I headed to the glowing wall of shades in Solstice and fell in love. There were two in particular, Tom Ford’s Jennifer in Transparent Brown and the Jimmy Choo Bryon in Shiny Black Grey, that stole my heart…one of which became an early Christmas present! I then took a deep breath and looked around at it all again as if to take in the magical shopping wonderland one last time before going.  While my face was one of pure bliss, my husband’s was one of fear…oh, the damage that could quickly be done to our credit card.  So, reluctantly, I headed for our gate. But as we left I looked back as I swear a pair of RayBan Wayfarer’s called my name. I whispered “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

Next time you’re in MIA, The Shoppes at Ocean Drive is not to be missed: Terminal D, across from Gate D17.



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