Welcome to Arrive Chic, a modern travel e-boutique and a destination hot-spot blog.

I’m Ashley, and I’ve always had a love for fashion and travel starting with my preschool ice cream cone sandals and my first flight from Miami to Dallas when I was only 2 months old. More recently, I’ve developed a passion (ok, maybe an addiction) for shopping online and not just for clothing and accessories but also for my next vacation.  In fact, I even got sidetracked when opening my laptop to write this post…I ended up on travelandleisure.com looking up award winning Caribbean Hotels. My husband thinks it’s a waste of time, but I relish in spending hours online researching the latest designer travel goodies and the best of every city on my itinerary. When I’m not traveling, it is my ultimate escape. When you aren’t traveling, I hope Arrive Chic will be your escape to favorite restaurants, hot spots, boutiques, sights around town, hotels, and even what to pack by destination. Here’s what’s to come…

Take Me Back – destinations we’ve visited in the past and LOVE!

First Class Favorite – an in-stock essential from our e-boutique

On The Itinerary – places everyone must see in this lifetime

Travel Tip of the Week – suggestions to make all of your trips as smooth as possible

Our Travel Journal – recent adventures we can’t keep to ourselves

We hope this blog inspires you to daydream about your next adventure and to make your fantasy trip a reality.  This world is too big and beautiful not to travel as much as possible. By the way, did I mention we have chic travel accessories that will make your trip even more fabulous?  Check out the Arrive Chic e-boutique and let us know what you think!





One Response to Welcome to Arrive Chic

  1. Phyllis says:

    The blog is beautiful – Love the design and text.

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